How a solo experience in nature helped me come to terms with the prospect of death—and this moment of mass extinction.

I lay on my back among the burial mound, the wind in the trees shushing my terrified mind. At first, and for a long time, opening my eyes was too much. I kept them closed and my body still, listening to the birds sing their comforting song. …

Step by step towards a full-circle economy.

Post-Growth Living

This month saw the kick-off of our next round of Offers and Needs Market (OANM) Facilitator Training. Over four weekly sessions, 70 participants from around the world learned how to bring communities together to express their strengths and vulnerabilities in a safe and nurturing space.

PGI team member Emily Malkin…

In a year of changes and challenges, post growth is entering the mainstream.

These middle months of 2020 have highlighted the need for social and economic transformation more than ever before. Our operating system is due an upgrade — and, if you look closely, it’s already happening.

In partnership with Filene Research Institute, Post Growth Institute (PGI) researcher Adam Szymanski-Burgos published an extensive…

In the face of devastation, locals mobilized to coordinate both immediate & long-term security for those most affected by the blaze.

On the morning of September 9th, a grass fire in Oregon’s Rogue Valley was fueled by strong winds and soon turned catastrophic, tearing through the towns of Phoenix and Talent, destroying over 2300 residences — many of which were in mobile home parks housing the elderly and low-income and migrant…

We’ve been creating and sharing resources to help us through the toughest of times and build resilience for the future.

As the first quarter of a turbulent year draws to a close, here at the PGI we’ve been creating and sharing resources to help get us through the toughest of times and build resilience for the future.

Executive Director Donnie Maclurcan imagined a world beyond capitalist crises for Salon magazine…

As excitement about post-growth swells, we’ve been forging practical pathways beyond capitalism and giving people a sense that there’s something worth fighting for.

2019 has been a big year for post-growth, with mainstream economic publications like the Financial Times, Forbes, and others highlighting the folly of endless growth and calling for an alternative system that allows humans and the environment to survive — and thrive.

Through our research, training, and movement-building, the PGI…

How the Post Growth Institute is making an impact across the world, from speaking events to media coverage.

Each year on September 15, people hand out their own money to complete strangers, asking the recipients to pass half on to someone else. Free Monday Day is a chance to raise awareness and start conversations about the benefits of economies based on sharing, as well as offer a liberating…

Natalie Holmes

Humanitarian, writer, yoga teacher, budding urban farmer. Managing editor @

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